The Playlist (Tues 8pm EST)

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The Playlist (Tues 8pm EST)



“Darkfyre Presents: The Playlist”, a weekly Radio show hosted by Leago and hip-hop artists Nyte and Juice Lee. Airing every Tuesday night at 8pm EST /7pm CST /5pm PST, this Cincinnati based trio brings you the best in unsigned hip-hop from around the country. They cover an eclectic array of topics from science to gaming to movies. When there isn’t great music being played this team will have you in stiches with their snappy Pop culture quips. The Playlist is quite simply the best 60 minutes of brand new hip-hop you’ll hear on the net.

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JUI vlog episode 21: The book of Microsoft foretells Clippy's second coming

JUI vlog episode 21: The book of Microsoft foretells Clippy's second coming

J.U.I Vlog Episode 20: Codename: Carpet Snake

J.U.I. vlog: episode 19 (insert aquaman joke here)... no seriously

J.U.I. Vlog episode 18: Ra's Al Ghul and Apple team up to create the Ipit

J.U.I. Vlog ep 17 TLC presents cybernetic toddlers and tiaras

I-EL Born Star Behind the scenes (part 3 of 3)

Juice Lee invades Suncon part deux

J.U.I. Vlog ep 16: Wade Wilson is on a liquid diet of AWESOME

J.U.I. Vlog episode 15: Ezio and Altiar VS a predator, who wins?

I-EL Born Star Behind the scenes (part 2 of 3)

J.U.I. Vlog Ep 14: J. Jonah Jameson lost a bar bet to Jack Houston

J.U.I.  Vlog episode 13: book your next flight to mars through priceline

J.U.I. vlog episode 12: Michael Bay and Square-Enix come together to reboot Jem

J.U.I. Vlog episode 11: Superior workout drones provided by lexcorp

I-EL Star behind the scenes (part 1 of 3)

jb fangirl video with slightly redone ending

J.U.I. Vlog Episode 10: If I don't become a zombie when I die I hope the afterlife has wi-fi

J.U.I. vlog episode 9: My inner batman tells me to build a motorcycle

J.U.I. vlog episode 8: Huey Freeman will be the shogun's decapitator

J.U.I. vlog episode 7 - while on the enterprise please visit the exp bar